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Tags are useful to categorize your calls and messages to support your business workflow and reporting needs. Each company in your account has its own set of tags that can be used for tagging calls and messages. Your company will come with our default Tags set to get you started. Also, Tags are completely localized to your company which allows you to create and change your tags to suit your needs.

Tagging Overview
Company Tags Overview

In your company settings, navigate to the Tags section to view all tags for your company where you'll see all of your current tags management options for each. You'll also see the "Last Used" date for each tag to help you manage your tags to remove tags that have not been used in a while.

Create New Tag

From within the Tags section you can create new Tags to be used for either Calls or Messages.

Add Tag to a Call

To create a new tag, follow the "Create Tag" button on the top right to create your tag which will make it available for use.

Add Tag to a Message

Tags can be added to SMS Message conversations to help further categorize them for tracking and reporting.