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Google Analytics - How to Create Goal for Phone Calls

To get the most value of website call data with Google Analytics and measuring conversion rates, you'll want to setup a Goal to track your phone call conversions. Below is a link to a pre-configured goal that's easy to install and step by step instructions for how to setup a new Goal to track phone calls.

Tip Install a pre-configured Goal from this link - Phone Call Goal Template

Create a Goal - Step 1

In the first step of the Goal Wizard, choose Custom.

Create a Goal - Step 2

In this step, you need to give the goal a description, you can call it what you want, we recommend using Phone Call or something you can easily associate this goal with calls. Next, choose Event since phone calls come in as Events.

Create a Goal - Step 3

This step is a bit more delicate since you need to specify the types of events to track. Using the following settings will target all phone calls:

  • Category - Equals to Phone
  • Action - Begins with Call via
  • Label - Begins with Call from

Save and you're Goal should be setup will start tracking Phone calls as conversions.

Goal Example

After you've setup a Phone Call Goal and have tracked a few calls, Google Analytics will show your Phone Calls as Conversions.