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Google Analytics - Integration Overview

In this article we'll go over how to setup Google Analytics integration and how to view the call data in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Get your Google Analytics Measurement ID and Protocol API Secret
Find your Measurement ID

Inside your Google Analytics account, navigate to Admin > Data Streams where you'll find your "Web Stream" used on your website, view your stream details to see your Measurement ID.

Create a Measurement Protocol API Secret

Inside the same Data Stream detail view, you'll also see Measurement Protocol API Secrets, create a new API Secret to be used for your phone call events.

Add your Tracking ID to your Company Settings

With your Measurement ID and Measurement Protocol API Secret handy, navigate to Company Settings > Integrations > Google Analytics and add these to the settings to enable phone call events to be sent to your Google Analytics data stream.

Viewing Phone Call Events in Google Analytics

To view Phone Call Events in Google Analytics, go to Reports > Engagement > Events in the sidebar where you'll see an event name phone_call.

Data Sent to Google Analytics

We send the following data points to Google Analytics with each phone_call event.

  • call_id - the id of the incoming call.
  • tracker - the name of the tracker.
  • tracking_number - the tracking number called.
  • first_time_caller - 'yes' if the caller is a first time caller, 'no' if it's a repeat caller.
  • value - the value associated to the call, requires using the default call value from tracker settings.
  • medium - the source channel (medium) for the call, only available for campaign and number pool trackers.
  • gclid - the google click ID of the call if available.