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Google Analytics - Integration Overview

In this article we'll go over how to setup Google Analytics integration and how to view the call data in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Get your Google Analytics Tracking ID

The first thing you'll need before you get started is your Google Analtyics Tracking ID for the Property that you want to send call data to. You can retrieve this by logging into your Google Analytics Account and going to the Admin Settings section. Inside the Admin Settings, go to Property Settings where you'll see your Tracking ID. You'll need this in the next step to add it to your company settings.

Add your Tracking ID to your Company Settings

Near the bottom of your Company Settings page, you'll see a section for Google Analytics a field to add your Tracking ID. Add your GA Tracking ID from previous step and update your company settings. After you've done this we'll start sending event data to your Google Analtyics profile for each call that comes in.

Viewing Phone Call Events in Google Analytics

To view Phone Call Events in Google Analytics, go to Top Events in the sidebar where you'll see an event category Phone.

Drilldown to View Calls by Tracking Number

To get more detailed data on your Phone call events, you can drill down on the Phone Event Category to view events by Tracker.