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Calls Dashboard Overview

Once you've setup a tracker and you're receiving calls, when you log in you'll have a dashboard to view all of your call activity.

Call Activity

The first thing you'll notice when you log in is a graph showing your call activity. This is a great way visualisation to gauge the amount of call activity your tracking numbers been receiving.

Call List

The call list is the heart of your call tracking, it gives you access to every detail about each call, read more about call details

Custom Date Range

In many cases it might be useful to change the date range for the calls that you want to see. For example, you might want to see calls over teh last 6 months or the last year. Use the date range tool just above the date range as needed.

Search & Filter Calls

If you want to search your calls or filter by a specific caller or tracker, you can use the search feature just above the call list to filter the calls in the table.