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Call Details Overview

For each call, we gather quite a bit of data about the caller and how they found your number to help you understand where they came from to optimize your marketing ROI. Below is an overview of call details and the data available.

Accessing Call Details

To access a call's details, you can click on the caller's name or on the more icon from the calls dashboard.

Call Details Overview

Call details data is split into the following sections:

  • Call Details - this section provides basic information about the call status, caller's name, phone number, date, tracker, and location data.
  • Call Recording - if recording is enabled and the call is answered, a recording will be available for playback to go back and review the call conversation.
  • Call Notes - especially useful for team, call notes make it easy to jot down any important details about the call or actions that you've taken.
  • Web Source Details - if the call connected to an Online Tracker (Number Pool or Campaign), we will save the available web source details with the call.
  • Web Pages Visited - all web pages visited on your website before the making a call (only available for Number Pool trackers).