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Call Flows Overview

Call Flows allow you to build custom handling of incoming calls. A call flow consists of multiple steps for how to handle the call. In this overview, we will go over how to setup a call flow that does the following:

  • Records the call audio.
  • Plays a greeting to the caller.
  • Plays a Whisper Message to the call recipient for context when answering the call.
  • Prompts the caller to leave a voicemail for missed calls.
  • Transcribes voicemail audio to text.
Create a Call Flow
Enable Call Recording and Add a Whipser Message
Add Greeting Step
Add Dial Step
Add Voicemail Step
Use the Call Flow for Inbound Call Handling

Now it's time to use the Call Flow to handle inbound calls to your tracking number. Go to a tracker's settings, and update the Inbound Call Handling to use your new Call Flow.