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WordPress Integration Guide

Adding our Dynamic Number Insertion is made simple with our WordPress plugin. This guide will show you the steps to install and configure the plugin on your WordPress powered website.

Add the Plugin and Activate

The simplest way to add the plugin to your site is to use WordPress' Add Plugin screen to search the plugins in the WordPress.org repository. Once on the add Add Plugin page, search for CallTracker and click install. Alternatively, you can download the plugin from here.

Once you've added the plugin, Activate it so we can configure it in the next steps.

Retrieve Your Call Tracker API Key

You'll now need to get your Call Tracker API Key from your Company Settings. Go to your Call Tracker dashboard > Settings, and you'll see your Company API Key just under the Timezone settings. Click Copy to add it to your clipboard.

Add Your API Key to WordPress

Now, go back to your WordPress admin and go to Settings > Call Tracker. Here you'll see a field to add your API key. Add your key and press Update Settings, the plugin will now automatically add the DNI script to every page on your site to automatically swap your number with tracking numbers..