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Setting Up a Campaign Tracker

This is an overview of and guide for setting a Campaign Tracker. With a Campaign Tracker, you'll be able to automatically show tracking numbers to your website visitors from specific source channels, specific campaigns, referrers, PPC advertising, social media, and more.

Note Campaign Trackers require our Dynamic Number Swap integration script to be installed on your website to dynamically swap your real phone number with a tracking number.

How to setup a Campaign Tracker

Add a New Tracker

To get started, go to Trackers and then follow the Add Tracker button in the upper right hand corner.

Choose Online & Campaign

In the setup wizard, the first question will ask you if you will use this tracker online or not. Campaign Trackers are for online marketing campaigns so you'll want to choose Online.

There are two types of online trackers available, choose Campaign.

Setup and Number Swap Settings

In this section, there are several things we need to do to configure the campaign tracker.

  1. Add a Tracker Name - you'll want to give your tracker a name that will be easy to reference later in your call reports. The name normally corresponds with your campaign name.
  2. Destination Number - add your Destination Number (where calls will be forwarded to).
  3. Choose Tracking Number Type and Number Prefix - here you'll choose if you want to use a local or toll free number and the number prefix.
  4. Choose Which Visitors see the Tracking Number - these settings will determine what visitors we will show the tracking number to on your website. You can configure these to configure pretty much any kind of online campaign you're running or you can choose to show the tracking number to everyone.
Choose Your Number

On this screen you'll be able to choose the exact number that will be connected with the tracker. If you don't like any of the choices, use the "Find more numbers" button to refresh the numbers to see more options.

Whisper & Recording Settings

In the final step, you can a whisper message and also enable call recording (recommended). Whisper messages are like quick heads up message played to the call receiver that the caller cannot hear so they have context for answering the call. Call recording will allow calls to be listened to and reviewed making it easy to go back and listen to a customer's inquiry or specific details without needing to write them down during the call itself.