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Facebook Offline Events Setup Guide

The Facebook Offline Events Integration enables your offline contact events from your call tracking numbers to be synced with your Facebook Ads and Audiences. You’ll be able to leverage the events for tracking conversions from your Facebook Ads and creating custom audiences for retargeting people who have contacted your business.

Important To setup Facebook Offline Events integration, you’ll need to have administrator permissions to both the Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ad account.

To configure the integration to allow the offline events uploaded to your Facebook account, you’ll need the following items which you’ll have after following the steps below.

  1. Facebook App ID and App Secret
  2. Facebook Business Account System User Access Token
  3. Offline Events Dataset ID
Create a Facebook App

Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and create an App. You’ll use this app to manage an integration, select the first option on the list and continue.

In the next screen, give your App a name, select that you’ll use it for your own business and then select your Business Manager account that the App will be connected to.

On the app details screen, go to Basic settings to retrieve the App ID and App Secret and note these down to use later in Step 4 when setting up the integration.

Create a System User to give your Facebook App Access to your Facebook Ad Account

Go to your Business Settings > System Users and create a new System User with Admin permissions.

Once you’ve added your System User, Generate an Access Token for your newly created System User to access Facebook with which will be used in Step 4 .

Create a Offline Data Set in your Facebook Ad Account Events Manager

Moving the Events Manager, create an Offline Events Set to upload your Offline Events to.

Follow the flow to Add a new Offline Events Set to use with your call tracking events.
Once you’ve created your Offline Events Set, copy down the ID for use in Step 4.

Setup Facebook Offline Events Integration in your Company Integrations

Now that you’ve configured the app and necessary pieces inside Facebook, it’s time to set up the Facebook Offline Events integration in your account.