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An Overview of Call Tracker Billing

Our billing is a straight forward pay as you go model wherein you pay for what you use.


Tracker - the object that has tracking settings associated with it as well as dynamic number insertion settings to control who sees tracking number associated with it. Trackers can have multiple tracking numbers if it is using setup as a number pool.

Tracking Number - a Tracking number is a phone number connected to a tracker inside your account.

Minutes - are the duration of calls that your tracking numbers have received. The duration of each call is rounded up to the nearest minute for billing purposes.

Monthly Billing Period

Each month, our system will automatically calculate the total quantity of numbers you had active during the billing period to calculate the number of tracking numbers and minutes used.

Billing for tracking numbers is not prorated. For example, if you release a tracker in the middle of the month, billing for that tracker and the tracking number associated with it will be billed for the current billing period and then will not be billed in the following period.

Payment Methods

The method of payment that we accept is via credit card. This method is preferable and simplest in the long run, our system is very tightly integrated with Stripe.