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Adding Another Company to Your Account

As account admin, If you have the agency edition enabled, you'll be able to add unlimited number of companies to your account.

Adding a New Company

To add a new company, follow the "Add Company" from your dashboard where you'll be presented a from to set the company name and timezone create the company. The timezone will be used for call times for that company so it best if this matches up with the company's actual timezone.

Adding Users for the Company

To invite a new user, use the form to provide their First Name, Last Name, Email, and User Role. After submitting the form, the user will get an invitation email to confirm their account and create their password to login with.

User Roles and Permissions Overview

Company Admin - can view all calls, reports, receive notifications as well as manage company settings, integrations, and users inside the company.

Company Reporting - can view calls, reports and receive notifications only.

Resending the User Invitation Email

If an invited user did not receive the invitation email. First, confirm that their email address is correct . If their address is correct, you can resend the invitation email by clicking on the resend arrow next to the user's name.